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Readers are Leaders

Welcome to Theater Arts!

I am pleased to have your child enrolled in Prairie Vista Middle School’s Theater Arts class.  An exciting curriculum has been planned to challenge your child’s intellectual, social, and physical development.  The drama course of study will include units in theater history, pantomime, improvisation, reader’s theater, costuming, make-up, stagecraft, writing for theater, Shakespeare, and musical theater.

Students in beginning drama will be expected to keep a journal which must be on a separate notebook that will be collected periodically.  I will check to see that each student has  a notebook on Monday September 10, 2012.  Students will be expected to record their impressions of each week’s activities by writing a minimum of one paragraph (8 sentence accordion).  Time to write will be provided during class time every week and may allow students to earn additional points to raise their grade.

Although I wish to emphasize that the goal of beginning drama is NOT performing, “dramatic” students do thrive on and benefit from getting into that spotlight more of often than not.  Therefore, your child will have the opportunity to audition for any parts available throughout the year.  Preparation for Dramas will require intensive rehearsals which will take place M-F 7:30-8:10am, Lunch, and during my prep time.  Students must be in excellent standing with their period 2 teacher and earn an”A” to be able to rehearse during this time.

PVMS Booster Club
Any parent is interested in starting a Drama Booster Club, which is a club to raise funds to the theater arts department and plan field trips to theaters, please contact me at 310-679-1003 extension 1751 or email me at

Additional Thoughts
I always hope that students learn all the skills taught to them in class, as they apply to all areas of their academic lives.  Through dramatic arts I try to reinforce many of the core concepts and study habits that are so important for the middle school child to develop.  I always welcome parents assisting during the school day with supervision or group projects.

Volunteers and Donations
If you should possess a skill of sewing or building and would like to volunteer your efforts for these children, please contact me at 310-679-1003 extension 1751 or email me at